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Who we are 

FS*Advisory is a fashion business consultancy firm founded by Dr Samantha Lynch and Julie Benhammo.

What we do

FS* Fashion Smart help you grow, scale, invest and solve your most pressing internal and external challenges, within the fashion, beauty and allied industries. We support organisations both large and small, institutions, investors, agencies, brands and SMEs rethink how they do business, make better investment decisions and support growth.

  • Need to get a clear vision of what the industry is like before committing to an investment? We are here.

  • Need to put your products in front of your customers in a controlled research setting to gain feedback. We are here. Need to hire a consultant with hard to find expertise for a few weeks to provide you with insights? We are here. 

  • Need to understand your customer's journey? We are here. 

  • Need to explore a more sustainable supply chain? We are here. 

  • Need coaching to refine your ambitions, build your own network in the industry, startup advice? We are here. 

  • Need your fashion managers to learn how to motivate their teams, build healthy and productive teams? We are here

Our credibility

Industry knowledge - We come from industry, we know it from the inside. We are in touch with the reality of our industry. We have worked and continue to work for global brands, delivered and designed teaching at world-class Universities and Colleges, government agencies, we mentor emerging talent in fashion and we have developed a fashion network of contacts over 15 years. 

Global reach - our business has operated internationally from day one. We work across USA,  Europe, and the UK. Our team and our extended network are international. We are ready to work with you wherever you are. 

Connecting your with the brightest minds in fashion - we leverage our industry and academic expertise to create our bespoke team to solve complex challenges for our clients. Need a colour chemist, a sustainability researcher, an eye-tracking specialist, a materials engineer, a consumer behaviour specialist, a distribution professional ...we have access to rare talent you won't find elsewhere from PhDs to worldclass professors, time-served industry practitioners and established brand leaders.  

We're all in on your challenge - We don't say yes to every project, each project is completely bespoke, we tackle one project at a time to deliver compelling and robust results. We work across all sizes of organisations within the industry including SMEs.  

FS* | Advisory Services

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Investment & Scale Up 

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Product & Brand Strategy 

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Market Research 

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Talent Sourcing 

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Business Development 

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Customer Journey 

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Consumer Behaviour


Distribution Strategy

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Leadership & Management

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Personal Coaching 

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Commercial Strategy 

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Trend Briefings 

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